Hi there, we’re the Aldous,’ welcome to our website. We are so honored that you are here. Thank you for wanting to know us. Our wedding was of the most important days of our lives and we know that who's involved really matters. However, this is kinda a lot to read. It would probably take you three minutes, which is a lot. It's 2018. If you don't want to read it, here's the spoilers:

  1. We are emotional

  2. We went to college

  3. We surf and skate

  4. We love Jesus

  5. We think marriage matters

  6. We still believe in gluten

  7. We want to serve and celebrate you on the best day ever


Before you let us anywhere near your celebration you should know: we will cry at your wedding, hands down. Darsha studied history and women’s studies in college, and I was a biblical studies major. If it wasn’t already obvious, neither of those things can make you money in any field. I guess we were both banking on marrying a doctor. Rats. None the less, we loved what we studied and wouldn’t take it back for anything. We both love Jesus a lot. He has changed our lives completely and is the reason we are able to love each other and those around us well. We are also both professional athletes.


Darsha didn’t want me to say that because she thought it sounded cocky, but someone told me it was a good marketing tool. Darsha grew up competitive surfing, and ranked #1 in the nation for collegiate women’s short boarding. I grew up competitive skateboarding and am still actively involved in the skate industry. Both of these sports are actually how we initially got into photo and video. We are currently shooting weddings full time and are also finishing off our final eight months of a ministry school. And no, not having kids soon. We're not vegan, we love gluten, and we eat more fig bars from Costco than you can imagine. We shoot weddings because we are overjoyed to get to serve people on their wedding day. 


We delight in being able to encourage you amidst pre-ceremony jitters, or affirm the bridemaids that their dresses and makeup look beautiful. We love getting to care and be go to people on your special day. Our literal job description is: “make your day go as smooth as possible.” A big part of our service is working alongside your coordinator to ensure that everything runs according to schedule, and to make sure we have time for everything you want captured. We're more "type A" then my ponytail looks, promise.


The other reason we care about weddings is because we care about marriage. We desire so deeply for weddings t0 usher you smoothly into covenant together. Weddings are times of rejoicing, they are reunions, they're laughing, they mean awkward moments, or even family reconciliation. Weddings and emotion are inseparable. We desire that our images trigger deep love in the heart of both of you, so much so that you can’t remain upset at each other after looking at your profile picture. We want our photos to honor your loved ones and be hung in grandma's kitchen. We are deeply honored to have the opportunity to document each sacred moment. On average we aim to give 100 photos per hour so that nothing is skipped over. We want our photographs to incite joy; to preserve the beauty.


Okay that was a lot to read, thanks for hanging in there, you are awesome. So, now what? We want to meet you. We want to hear your story. Fill out the questionnaire on the next page and let's figure out a time to do a phone call or a coffee.  We currently still have room to book a few additional weddings for 2018 and are primarily now booking 2019/2020. We look very forward to hearing from you. 

- Joel and Darsha Aldous


Thank you Halli Aldous and Ryan Shoemaker for the photos. (also we shoot other things besides weddings, just ask)