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HI Hello, my name is Joel Franklin Aldous.

Thanks so much for wanting to know about me; for taking interest in my life and business. I am so completely utterly truly absolutely majorly honored. Thank you for being here. 

I am from San Diego, CA. I am son of the hardest working man that I know and the most creative woman I have ever met. I am extremely thankful for my heritage. My family showed me that their source of creativity and work ethic was from God. Jesus is the biggest part of my life. He has changed everything; my ability to love those around me, live with hope, and radiate joy. It is all from him.

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I grew up skateboarding and am now ranked as a professional skateboarder which is of my life’s greatest honors. Out of this love for skateboarding I began documenting the sport from a very early age through photo and video.  Then In highschool I started taking photos at a higher caliber and periodically for profit. I worked my way through college shooting weddings and portraits consistently. Now that I am out this is my everyday. I feel so fortunate that this is my job: I get to document people vowing their love and commitment to each other on a consistent basis. I cry just about every time (I'm less tough then the above photo makes me look). 

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The business started with me shooting mostly alongside my sister, Halli Aldous. She is beautiful and phenomenal at everything she does. Though I now shoot as or more often, with my wife, Darsha Aldous, who is my best friend, professional surfer, love of my life and woman I will grow old with. I married up 100%.

We shoot weddings primarily, but families, events, portraits etc... when we have availability. We still have spots open in 2018 and plan to take on five more wedding clients. Focused on Southern CA, but we love to travel.    

So, now what? I want to meet you. I want to hear your story. Fill out the questionnaire on the next page and let's figure out a time to do a phone call or a coffee.