Wow are we grateful to be married. It has been the best, toughest, most rewarding experience of our lives. Our first date included a swim race, and cliff jumping. If it’s not something competitive, it somehow ends up that way. Volleyball has been our recent favorite. Before we met, I never ate sugar, but Darsha grew up with candy as a primary food group. Thus I now eat sweets way more than I should, and Darsha is constantly smiling because of it.


I’m a skateboarder and Darsha is a surfer. She ranked #1 in the US for Women’s collegiate short boarding. She’s a beast. I don’t have any crazy titles, but I do have a signature board sold in stores (my claim to fame). Darsha studied history and women’s studies in college, and I was a biblical studies major. Incase it wasn’t obvious, neither of those things can make you money in any field… I guess we were both banking on marrying a doctor. Rats. We highly value our relationship with God and serving @myalohachurch together.


My favorite thing about Darsha is her giggle. My most treasured thing in the world is making her laugh. Meanwhile, she just likes me for my body. Just kidding, I don’t work out. I think she likes me most for the way we communicate; our conversations are incredible. But you would have to ask her to get a definite answer. We want to hear your story too. Fill out the questionnaire on the next page and let's figure out a time to do a phone call or a coffee. -Joel and Darsha Aldous