We're a brother and sister duo.  I, Joel Aldous, am the good-looking one of the two and my sister, Halli Aldous, is the brains behind the operation.               

Photography is our main paid occupation, however, it is far more than just a means to achieve survival. It is alternatively an avenue by which we engage in culture, it's a platform by which we share Jesus' love, it’s a paradigm by which we view creation, and it’s an instrument by which we release our artistic yearnings. 

We passionately feed off of each other’s creative intellect.  We enjoy making the mundane magical and the bland beautiful; we are inherently drawn towards the abnormal, and are forcefully compelled towards vibrancy.  

We would love to photograph your face, your friends wedding, your aunt’s cat collection, or your roommate's fundraiser for clean water. 

We're from San Diego, but are always excited to travel.

Let's talk!